Monday, November 10, 2008

Rig Veda 10.136.1-7

Recited from memory (I made a few mistakes, but this stuff is tough!)
Meter: Anuṣṭubh (iambic cadence)

My rough translation:

(1) The long-haired one [carries] the fire, the long-haired one [carries] the poison (potion), the long-haired one supports both heaven and earth (the "weepers"), the long-haired one shows the sunlight to all--[thus] the long-haired one is called this light.

(2) The ascetics, wind-belted, are wearing brown and dirty [garments]; they follow the rush of the wind as soon as the gods take possession [of them].

(3) Ecstatic in [our] state as ascetics, we are standing on the winds; You mortals look only at our bodies.

(4) He flies through the atmospheric space, peering down on all forms; the ascetic, companion of god after god, [is] fit for benevolent acts.

(5) The horse of the wind, the companion of the breeze, and also the ascetic sent by the gods. [He] dwells [in peace] over both oceans--that in the east and that in the west.

(6) Moving around the stomping grounds of the nymphs, the gandharvas, and the wild animals, the long-haired one knows [their] intention. He is the sweet companion, the most intoxicated one.

(7) The breeze churned [the soma] up for him. Kunamnamā used to grind [the grain for the drink]. The long-haired one just drank of the poison from [his] bowl, when Rudra [drank] with him.

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