Sunday, November 23, 2008

Today's Rig Veda (RV 2.12.8)

RV 2.12.8

ya/ṃ kra/ndasī saṃyatī/ vihva/yete
pa/re a/vara ubha/yā ami/trāḥ
samāna/ṃ cid ra/tham ātasthivāṁsā
nā/nā havete sa/ janāsa I/ndraḥ

Traduction par Renou:

Celui que les deux armées-hurlantes, se heurtant, appellent de façon distincte,
étant (l'une) en deçà, (l'autre) au-delà, l'une et l'autre ennemies (entre elles),
--bien que les deux (hommes) soient montés sur un même char,
ils appellent (Indra) séparément-- celui-là, gens, c'est Indra.

Geldners Übersetzung:

Den zwei Schlachthaufen, wenn sie aneinander geraten, anrufen,
die beiderseitigen Feinde hüben und drüben--
auch die zwei, die den gleichen Wagen bestiegen haben,
rufen ihn jeder besonders an--der, ihr Leute, ist Indra.



My translation:

Whom the two roaring armies call on [in their various ways] when they clash;
[Whom] both foes, [being] far and near, [call on];
Though [they both] have mounted the self-same chariot,
They call [on him] in separate ways: He, O men, is Indra!

This verse reminds me of two sports teams (or two political parties!) who conceitedly pray to the same Christian god in the hope that he will bring about their victory. Isn't it odd that you never see the losers get pissed off at the sky daddy after the game--the hypocrisy is quickly and conveniently forgotten.

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