Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pendent Nominatives

A pendent nominative (nominative pendens, 不完全主格構文) is a type of grammatical construction found in Greek and other languages in which a nominative given at the beginning of a sentence is the logical rather than syntactical subject of the sentence. The nominative is later replaced in the sentence by a pronoun in the case required by syntax. It is given the name "pendent" (懸垂的) because it "hangs in midair," not having a finite verb.


Rev 3:12
The one who overcomes: I will make him a pilla. (The pendent nom. is replaced by the acc.)

Luke 8:21 (could be interpreted as a pendent nom.)
My mother and my brother are these: the ones hearing and doing the word of God.

RV 10.108.7
aya/ṃ nidhi/ḥ sarame a/dribudhno
go/bhir a/śvebhir va/subhir n(i/)yṛṣṭaḥ
ra/kṣanti ta/m paṇa/yo ye/ sugopā/
re/ku pada/m a/lakam ā/ jagantha

This treasure trove, O Saramā, having a rock as its bottom,
Filled with kine, horses, and wealth: that the Paṇis, who are cowherders, will guard...

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