Sunday, February 22, 2009

Journal Articles

This will help me keep track of the various journal articles I've read.

1. Sakamoto-Goto, Junko. 「SAmaJJaphalasutta(沙門果経)とVeda祭式」
2. Koster, Jan. "Is Linguistics a Natural Science?"
3. Eijck, Jan van. "Discourse Representation Theory"
4. Janda, R. D. et al. "Linguistic Borrowings from Biology: Cross-Pollination or Cross-Bollixation?"
5. Goto, Toshifumi. "Comments: From the Viewpoint of Indo-Iranian Philology"
6. Goto, Toshifumi. 「人類と死の起源 リグヴェーダ創造讃歌 X 72」
7. Goto, Toshifumi. 「新資料 VAdhUla-anvAkhyAna の伝えるPurUravas と UrvazI 物語」
8. Goto, Toshifumi. 「インド・ヨーロッパ祖語における動詞表現の諸カテゴリー 枠組み再建のスケッチ」
9. Thieme, Paul. "The Comparative Method for Reconstruction in Linguistics"
10. Lubotsky, A. "Vedic Samaha 'Verily'"
11. Norman, K. R. "Notes on the Ahrauraa Version of Azoka's First Minor Rock Edict"
12. Vine, Brent. "On the Metrics and Origin of Rig-Vedic Na 'like, as'"
13. Sakamoto-Goto, Junko. "Mittelindische Absolutivbildung auf -tvA/*-tvAna(m) und verwandte Probleme der Lautentwicklung"
14. Kirchner, Thomas and Sato, K. T. "D. T. Suzuki and the Question of War"
15. Yoshida, Kazuhiko. 「印欧語史的形態論研究: 中・受動態動詞の先史」
16. Takubo, Yukinori. 「現代日本語における2種のモーダル助動詞類について 推論の方向性とメノマエ性の観点から」
17. Vijunas, Aurelijus. "On the Pronunciation and Development of the Proto-Indo-European Sibilant */s/"
18. Oettinger, Norbert. "Perfect and Related Categories in Proto-Indo-European: Some New Thoughts"
19. Goto, Toshifumi. 「インド伝統文法学をめぐって」
20. Pind, Ole Holten. "Studies in the PAli Grammarians I"
21. Goto, Toshifumi.「ユーラシア言語史の現在」
22. Vine, Brent. "PIE Mobile Accent in Italic: Further Evidence"
23. Sasaki, Tsuguya. "Sociolinguistic Typology of Jewish Languages and Their Speech Communities"
24. Ota, Fukiko.「チャンドラキールティにおける仏身論」
25. Jamison, Stephanie W. "Voice Fluctuation in the Rig Veda: Medial -anta in Active Paradigms"

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