Saturday, May 2, 2009

Today's Rig Veda (RV 7.71.1)

RV 7.71.1

a/pa sva/sur uṣa/so na/g jihīte
riṇa/kti kṛṣṇī/r aruṣā/ya pa/nthām
a/śvāmaghā go/maghā vāṁ huvema
di/ na/ktaṁ śa/rum asma/d yuyotam

Night withdraws from her sister Uṣas (Dawn);
The swarthy one yields the path to the ruddy (rosy-colored) one (the sun);
May we call on you two, O generous givers of horses and cows;
Keep the arrow [of sickness and death] from us by day and by night!

1. nakt- f. 'night' <*nek/gu-t-: Hitt. 'grow dark'
2. kṛṣṇī/- : hapax form; Thieme suggested the possible etymology 'tilled (=upturned black earth)' for kṛṣ-na/-
3. aśvā- : long vowel metri causa; another interpretation is as the old feminine collective
4. The verb hā- 'leave behind' may be a departicular verb from *g'he 'back, behind'; see Vine
5. huvema : a-aor. opt. 1pl.
6. cf. 1.124.8ab
7. śaru- 'arrow' : "sacralis -u-"

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